Big Dreams, Big Action

Big Dreams, Big Action

Everyone has heard the old adage, a dream without action is just a dream. How many amazing ideas have been unrealized because the dreamer didn't take action to make those dreams reality?  Likely, too many to count.  The fact is, big dreams need big action.  

To grow Rockstar Reins, I have been working with Fallon Taylor and her husband Alex McCray in their program The Passion Project.  This group of entrepreneurs has been a great resource and a help to keep myself moving through the steps I've outlined below.  If you would like info on their support program, email me at

1) Big dreams need a "why":  why do you want to develop this product/accomplish this dream?  For me, I wanted to create a line of products "on a teacher's budget". I wanted tremendous quality at a price where people have the freedom to choose.

2) Big dream, small goals:  Set a small goal.  I started with 1 month.  My goal was to make $2000.00 in sales to purchase a leather sewing machine. I'll let you know later how it turned out :)

3) Big dreams, big action:  This is where most people get lost, because this is where we develop the action steps.

> platforms:  social media is where it's at in today's market.  Nearly everyone has at least a Facebook and Instagram account for their business.  If not, get you one :)

    Step 1 - Go LIVE on your social media.  Show potential customers your product, your dream, etc.  

    Step 2 - Take advantage of the "Story" applications on Facebook and Instagram.  This is an area I am still working on myself, but I understand how incredibly important it is to sharing some "stories" about my business.

    Step 3 -  Start a Tik Tok.  I thought Alex and Fallon were crazy for suggesting I do this, but it has proven to be a wonderful sales platform, and a place to just have fun!

     Step 4 - Start a YouTube channel. - It's all about starting sales "funnels".  Every single platform you can advertise on can become a funnel for sales.  

****These first steps can be incredibly overwhelming.  For one who battles insecurity, I tried to skip these very important steps at first.  But, in today's market, not doing them is nearly an automatic "dream killer".  As I worked (and still work) through these steps, I created a little "you can do it" board to constantly inspire me to face the fear and take that step, whether it be going live, doing a story or a video.

4) Read, Read, Read! - Big dreams need reinforcement and constant inspiration.  Google some great reads for (women/men/young/etc) entrepreneurs.  I personally loved  5 second rule by Mel Gibbons and Girl Code by Cara Leyba.  Right now, I am reading You're a Badass by Jen Sincero.  All of these authors have successfully accomplished what I want to accomplish, success.  So, I surround myself with messages from some of those "people builders" I mentioned in my first blog post.

5) Big dreams, real numbers - use a google margins calculator to figure out your exact margins!  This will help you set a fair sales price and to keep your profit up!

6) Big dreams, big work- Refine and update your website.  Learn to create posts and ads using stock images and videos (I suggest and Canva).  Don't give up!  Keep working those social media platforms.  Keep building your brand.  Keep advertising. Big dreams need big action!

After working this program for 30 days, I did my numbers and looked at my original goal, which I nearly doubled, making just over $3900.00 in sales for that month.  There is more to Fallon and Alex's Passion Project plan than just these few steps, but these were the steps that resonated most with me. So, whatever your dream, it's not too big.  Plan your work, work your plan and watch your dream become reality! Thank you @fallontaylor and @alexmccray for your guidance in growing my business!


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