Teacher Tack

Teacher Tack

I never intended to be a business owner. I never pictured myself as an entrepreneur. I did not grow up with aspirations of inventing a proudct. 

But, here I am...

Rockstar Reins began as a means of encouraging my daughter, who was a 15 year old cowgirl.  The very first project was a beautiful set of leather reins, laced with purple and white paracord, embellished with nickel plated charms that spelled out FAITH.

These reins were meant to serve as a reminder to her to have FAITH in God's path for her and to have FAITH in herself.  She loved the reins, and in fact 4 years later still uses them, although we are missing an "F' on one side.


A few of her friends that saw her reins liked them and asked if I might make them a set.  So, I did.  Then, I began actively searching for more encouraging charms, and created another style that had various charms on them with words such as "Be Kind," "Be Courageous," "Be True," and "Be You."  

People that saw these reins also asked for me to make them some, and inadvertently, Rockstar Reins was born.

Over the course of 4 years, production of reins grew from the kitchen table, to a guest room, to the garage, and I am now having to have a shop built, to house the ever expanding set of tools and materials.

As a high school teacher of 20 years, I have always believed my job is to encourage people, to pour into them.  In 2018, I spoke at our high school's Baccalaureate, where I said the following to my students. "Doctors heal, teachers teach and judges judge.  But builders build.  They construct things, strengthen things and rebuild things that last for generations. I charge you to be that - builders...Builders of people.  Encourage them.  Treat people as they need to be treated, not as they deserve.  Build them up.  Pour into them. Those efforts can be felt for generations to come."

This is the mission behind Rockstar Reins.  To encourage and build others.  

As a teacher, money is not necessarily plentiful.  My daughter wanted a beautiful tack set, which we were able to get her for Christmas.  But, then the next year, she wanted to change her color, and I just couldn't afford to spend another $650.00 to simply change the style.  So, I decided there had to be a better way.  A way for people just like me to be able to afford QUALITY tack when they wanted it.  Thus, SmarTack was born.

After a LOT of research, and finding nothing similar, we invested in obtaining a patent on a line of tack with interchangeable inserts. We use only 100% Hermann Leather, stainless hardware and the highest quality materials.  So, for less than half of what that original tack set I purchased for my daughter, a rider can have as many styles as they wish at their fingertips.  This is revolutionary. Quality tack on a teacher's budget is how I like to think of it. :)  

Our reins are currently sold in three countries and 14 stores, and we have had several tack stores approach us about wholesaling the new SmarTack line to them as well.  So, keep your eyes open for us to show up in some stores in the near future. We are so glad you are joining us on this journey.  Remember, never try to blend in for you were born to be a star!


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